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What is ONE Token?

HPB ONE is truly unique. It is a decentralized community driven token on the HPB Chain. Unlike most tokens, the ONE token is exactly how it sounds. There was only ONE token minted. Nobody can own the token in its entirety. Instead, you can own fragments of the token. What makes the ONE token unique, is that all holders of fragments, will receive reflection earnings, every time fragments are bought, sold, exchanged or transferred. This is achieved via taxation.

Every time fragments are moved, a tax of 3% of the transaction applies. This is splt into three parts. 1% is split amongst ONE fragment holders, 1% is added automatically to the HPDex liquidity pool, and 1% is burned. Fragment holders will continue to earn yield via reflections, and tokens will be burned for every transaction, ensuring the value of fragments of ONE token will continue to rise. If you own fragments of ONE token, you own a part of history.

ONE was created by an experienced smart contract development team, focused on creating a safe and transparent contract to benefit the HPB community. The ONE team made sure to address issues that are commonly found in smart contracts to help restore faith in HPB token investing. You can always reach out to us at our Telgram group if you have any questions


The New RareCoin


ONE Token is fully decentralized.

This is the Dawn of a New Era of Rare Coins!

In this new world of tokens minted by the trillion, ONE Token stands out among the rest and already has a proven track record of steady organic growth. We continue on our path upward.

Will ONE fragments offer the next 100x token?

How many fragments of ONE will you own?

Why Choose ONE Token?

The ONE Token contract is verified and LP tokens will be burned which means no one can ever drain the liquidity pool.


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ONE Vision

Community Focused

Our dedicated community is seen as a key member of our team and is involved in every step along the way.

Dedicated Management

HPB ONE Token is focused on advanced development and delivering for our holders.

Stealth Launch

ONE was released to the public after a stealth launch. This gave every investor a fair chance to get in on the ground floor.


Don't Miss Out On ONE Token!

1. Install Metamask

Install Metamask on your phone or desktop and follow instructions carefully to create your Smart Chain wallet.

2. Deposit HPB to Metamask

After successfully creating your wallet, purchase HPB and send to your Metamask Wallet. HPB is the currency of the HPB Chain and is necessary for purchases and transaction fees. HPB can be purchased from Gate.io, MEXC, Indodax, Bibox and SWFT (allchainbridge.com)

3. Connect to HPDex

Connect your wallet to HPDex (https://app.hpdex.org/) on your phone or desktop (same device as wallet) on your web browser go to https://app.hpdex.org/ and click “connect wallet".

4. Exchange HPB for ONE fragments

On HPDex set slippage to 10% in the option menu. Now you can swap HPB for ONE ($ONE) . Once you’ve completed your swap follow the instructions below to view fragments of ONE in your wallet.

Contribute to Your Success

Join the Community

Token Stealth Launch

ONE pre-release social media campaign.
Liquidity provided, token released, and LP burned.


Twitter influencer posts, giveaway competitions, and register on all crypto promotion and voting websites.


Constantly work towards qualifying for listings on Coin Market Cap, Coingecko, Bogged Finance, Trust Wallet, and Exchanges.


The number one Dex for HPB Chain.

Smart Contract Audit

ONE Token has already passed several free audits, and is based on the Ethereum Liquidity Generator Token. A full paid Techrate audit is coming soon.


ONE management team and community have a passion for art and the future of the NFT space.
One of the top priorities for ONE is the addition of fragment NFT minting.

Holder Rewards

Our Management team will continue to work with the community to develop new rewards systems to benefit ONE fragment holders. Currently, top shillers are rewarded with airdrops, voting abilities, and admin rights on Telegram.


After significant growth on HPDex and other token swaps, we will look to list on large centralized exchanges that honor ONE tokenomics and trade in high volumes .

Join our welcoming community and be part of the team. We encourage all holders to  jump on board and help spread the word about ONE. With the power of our dedicated team and loyal holders ONE can compete with any of the top tokens on the market. Let’s go!!!

How to view in Metamask

Add ONE Token

Enter the token address by using the "Import Tokens" option


Choose: “Add custom token”









White Paper

ONE Protocol is a rewards based, community driven token on the HPB network. The ONE team developed our smart contract to be transparent and easily identified as safe and anti-scam. During development the team focused on providing a contract without any of the safety issues commonly found in other smart contracts. After adding liquidity, LP  tokens will be sent to the HPB burn address. This way investors do not need to rely on trust, they can verify saftey. The philosophy behind ONE is to grow organically in a way that benefits holders with a management team that will only make smart decisions for the investors. ONE is purposely different in many ways. Not only do we provide passive income by holding through reflections, but we also provide a fun, friendly community with token investment education and provide tools for the community so they to know what to look for when investing as well as 24/7 customer service. Before launch 1 single token. No additional minting is possible. Current circulating supply is based on fragments of the ONE token. ONE has a long term plan to be in position to benefit from the soon to come mass-adoption of blockchain technology. HPDex is one of the products we are currently developing and will and will be released this year. The management team is currently planning the development of fragment NFT minting platform to be released in early 2022.